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The Island of Milos

Name: According to mythology the island took its name from its first inhabitant, Milo.
Population: About 5,000 residents
Location: Milos is the fifth largest island in the Cyclades. Area: 158 km2 Length of coastline: 125 km Highest peak: Prophet Elias - 751 meters.
Climate: The climate is temperate Mediterranean. From mid July to mid-August blowing too often winds (northerly winds periodic), while southerly winds usually are neither frequent nor strong.

MUSEUMS: Naval Museum, Archaeological, Folklore, Mining, Ecclesiastical.
ARCHAEOLOGICAL SITES: Fylakopis prehistoric city, ancient city of Klima, Ancient Roman theater. RELIGIOUS SITES: catacombs, churches.
FESTIVALS: At the festivals of the island you have the opportunity to taste traditional food and local wineand also dance and enjoy the sounds of traditional island music. Fairs held in churches and chapels are often in summer
ENTERTAINMENT: Bars and nightclubs, mostly concentrated in the port, waiting to be entertained until the early hours by Greek and foreign music
WATER SPORTS: Scuba diving, sailing, fishing excursions, canoe-kayak, windsurfing.
ACTIVITIES: Walking, climbing. You can reach Milos Island, Greece: From Athens to Milos Island by Airplane from the Athens International Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos” -The Athens International Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos”: Tel. +30 210 353-0000 -Olympic Airlines Athens: Tel. +30 210 966-6666 or 801-11-44444 B. Ferry boat from Piraeus Port Piraeus Port : Tel. +30 210 422-6001 to 3


Adamas is located in the bay of the island, one of the largest and safest natural bays of the Mediterranean and is a major tourist center. Adamas is the main port of the first picture you will see as you approach by boat. It consists of whitewashed houses with small flower gardens and narrow quiet streets. Adamas in summer is full of life. In this village you can combine relaxation and tranquility with its nightlife and entertainment while it provides you everything you need for comfortable and pleasant stay: cafes, restaurants, ouzo, pizza, steak, souvlaki, bar, club, shops, supermarkets, banks, port authorities, customs, clinic, pharmacy, dental, agent of Greek and international press, etc. To the left of the harbor you will find parking and then the district Lagada beach and right in the harbor extends the main coastal road leading to the village square, where you'll find the bus stop and taxis. On one side of the coastal road that there is extensive paved sidewalk cafes, restaurants and tourist shops and municipal Spa of Lakkos, while the left side are relatively new port facilities, which coupled with the security offered by natural harbor, make Adamas suitable for yachting. If you want to swim, Adamas can offer it to you.

Plaka is the present capital of the island. Built on a hill 220 meters above sea level, with island color and Cycladic architecture, quaint cobblestone streets originally built for protection against pirates, small shops, restaurants and cafes with magnificent views over the bay of Milos. At the top of the hill of Plaka is the Venetian "Castle" of the 13th, the Assumption of Mary, the Virgin Thalassitra the Virgin Korfiatissa. Finally, in the traditional village of Plaka you will also find the archaeological and folklore museum.

Pollonia or Apollonia is a picturesque fishing village, the second port of Milos after Adamas Tripiti is a traditional village, built on the slopes of the ruins of the classical city of Klima.

Klima,Mantrakia, Fyropotamos, Areti, Saint Constantine, Fourkovouni and Empourio are the main traditional villages of the island and small fishing ports. These are built on small creeks Milos is famous for 75 small and large beaches, crystal blue waters, colorful carved rocks and white golden sandy beaches.You will sure love it.


Milos has over 75 beaches. Golden sandy beaches, with deep blue waters and curious colorations of rocks captivate all visitors. Sparkling, clear waters and fine sand are the hallmark of Milos’s coastline, making the island an ideal destination for beach-lovers who can choose to visit a different beach each day, with varied landscapes and shelter according to the wind’s direction.
In August, a period marked by strong northerly winds, the beaches along the island’s southern shore are sheltered, while the western coast is sheltered from southerly gusts. Milos’s extensive road network offers access to most beaches, starting from the expansive harbour at Adamantas with the beaches at Papikinoy and Ahivadolimni. Your access to more distant beaches is by good dirt road. Ayios Ioannis and Triades on the western coast can be reached by dirt and dangerous roads, although access, especially in the early summer, is difficult by vehicles without four-wheel drive.

The northern beaches of Milos are shaped by a sheer, rocky coast and the barren terrain resembles a lunar landscape. These beaches are not recommended for swimming when strong northerly winds are blowing. The beaches located in the north shore are Sarakiniko, a small, somewhat remote and quiet cove; Mytakas, Alogomantra, Papafrangas, and Ayios Konstantinos are dotted with caves, rock formations that offer natural bridges, and snug patches of sand. These beaches are not organized, but the beauty of the landscape more than compensates the visitor for the lack of facilities.
Via Pollonia you can reach the beaches on the eastern coast. Few of them offers facilities and most are pebble or shingle. They are accessible by road and there are a number of remote sand coves accessible by boat from Pollonia.

The western coast is the least accessible, but it’s worth braving the rough tracks,with suitable vehicle, to enjoy the totally unspoilt landscape. Bathers should bring drinking water because there are no shops or other facilities beyond Ahivadolimni.
Beaches on the western shore include the twin beaches at Ayios Ioannis, accessible only by boat; Triades, with its three sand coves; and the striking sea caves at Ammoudaraki. Milos’s southern coast is accessible by road and sheltered from the August (meltemi) gusts and northerly winds. These sand beaches are well organized offering you facilities.

The most picturesque is the beach of Yerontas, with its dark-colored sand, pristine waters, and dreamy landscape. Ayia Kyriaki, a pretty beach with coarse sand and white pebbles about eight kilometers from Adamantas, offers a restaurant, beach bar, and water sports facilities. Other beaches include Paliohori and Provatas, a seaside village seven kilometres from Adamantas with golden sands, rocks, and shallow waters offers restaurants, cafes, fish taverns, and every kind of accommodations. The beaches at Fyriplaka and Tsigrado may not offer tavernas but swimmers will enjoy the grey-hued sands and unique landscape. Fyriplaka offers some facilities, and beach umbrellas and sun beds are also available at Portokali

Useful Info

USEFUL NUMBERS (Ref. + +30- 22870)
Police Department 21204
Tourist Police 21378
Tourist Information 22445
Milos Airport 22381
Port Authorities Milos 22100,23360
Pharmacies 21240, 21405, 22178
Clinic Adamas 21755
Veterinarian 21230
Health Center 22700, 22701
Taxi Station Adamas 22219 T
axi Station Triovasalos 21306

Catacombs 21625
Archaeological Museum 21620
Folklore Museum 21292
Mining Museum 22481
Ecclesiastical Museum 23956

Livanios-EKO 23611, 6944472234
Mavrogiannis ELIN-23803, 6945454359
Xidous-JET OIL 22093, 6977143662
Poulakis - EKO 21250, 6932100658
ELIN Tsirigotis-21953, 23672