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Milos is easily accessible by boat from Piraeus or by air from Athens International Airport. With its unique character, stunning landscapes, rich history and culture, Milos is truly a destination not to be missed!

Unique beaches

Milos boasts some of the most unique beaches in the country, with golden sands at Fyriplaka, Provatas and Plathiena, black and red sand at Paleochori and Agia Kyriaki and idyllic landscapes at the famous Sarakiniko and Papafraga.
For those looking for more secluded spots, there are beaches accessible only by jeep from our fully equipped fleet, or by boat, such as Theorichia, Gerontas and Agios Ioannis. And for a truly unforgettable experience, visitors can explore the island's amazing sea caves and rock formations, such as the famous hideout of the pirates Kleftiko, Sykia, Arkoudes and Glaronisia.

Delicious local cuisine

But Milos is not only its natural beauty. It is a place to enjoy local cuisine and traditions. Be sure to try the local cheeses such as xinomyzithra and toulomotiri. Taste delicious sweets such as watermelon pie, sweet custard and chocolate pie and savory dishes such as pitarakia and local capers.

The beautiful island of Milos

Discover the enchanting island of Milos, the jewel of the Aegean! The island where the famous Venus of Milos was discovered and where unique geological formations have formed amazing beaches with red, pink and orange volcanic rocks.
Milos is a true Cycladic paradise, where visitors can immerse themselves in the island's rich history and culture while enjoying some of the most beautiful beaches in Greece. From the charming harbor of Adamas to the picturesque village of Plaka and from the film village of Tripiti to the fishing village of Pollonia, Milos offers a variety of attractions and experiences.
Some of the main attractions of the island include the ancient theater, the Catacombs, the Archaeological Museum and the Mining Museum, all of which are full of fascinating history.

Useful phone numbers

Useful phone numbers
Police Department
+30 2287021204
Tourist police
+30 2287021378
Milos Port Authority
+30 2287022100
+30 2287023360
Milos Airport
+30 2287022381
+30 2287021240
+30 2287021405
+30 2287022178
Adamanta Rural Clinic
+30 2287021755
+30 2287021230
Health Center
+30 2287022700
+30 2287022701
Adamanta Taxi Station
+30 2287022219
Triovasalo Taxi Station
+30 2287021306
+30 2287021625
Archaeological Museum
+30 2287021620
Folklore Museum
Mining Museum
+30 2287022481
Ecclesiastical Museum
+30 2287023956
Βενζινάδικα - Εφοδιασμός Σκαφών
Livanios - EKO
+30 2287023611
+30 6944472234
Mavroyiannis- ELIN
+30 2287023803
+30 6945454359
Xidous- JET OIL
+30 2287022093
+30 6977143662
Poulakis - EKO
+30 2287021250
+30 6932100658
Tsirigotis - ELIN
+30 2287021953
+30 2287023672

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