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To rent one of our cars you need:
-Minimum age 23 years and have a valid driving license issued at least one year ago.
-Driving license. Greek, European (for EU countries) or International for Chinese citizens.
-Personal credit or debit card*.


-The vehicle will be provided clean (inside and out-side), in excellent maintenance condition. The vehicle must be refilled prior return. Otherwise a charge of the missing fuel will apply (depending on the valid average fuel cost).
-In case the cabin of the vehicle has stains witch require a special cleaning produce (animal hair, food and drinks on car seats or car floor or trunk) he will have to pay the amount of 50€.
-Upon collecting the vehicle the renter will be given a rental agreement which he has to check and sign. The rental agreement will indicate all the services and insurances provided as well as any extra services/insurances that the renter might request, with their relevant charges as well.
-It is very important for the renter to check the vehicle and report any damage existing on it, in order to avoid any charges regarding damages caused by a previous renter.

*Specifically, for the rental of vehicles on categories C, J4, J6, AU1, AU2, AU3, AUSUV, MB a pre-authorization of 800€ is required from a valid credit or debit card upon pick-up of the car by the renter. The pre-authorization is automatically released by the bank 10 days maximum, after the end of the rental (As soon as the car in in same condition as provided).


Our vehicles are insured:
Α) Against liability to third parties (excluding the driver and passengers) for death and injury up to 500.000€.
Β) For property damage to third parties (excluding our vehicle) to 500.000€. In case our vehicle is damaged or stolen by renter’s culpability or negligence, the renter will be presided for, up to the total car’s commercial value at the time of accident or theft.

Collision Damage Waiver (C.D.W.)
The driver can limit his liability in any damage to our vehicle:
a) Up to 500€ by paying an amount of 10€ per day for groups A, B, C, AU1, AU2
b) Up to 800€ by paying an amount of 15€ per day for groups J1, J2, J3, AUSUV, AU3
c) Up to 1200€ by paying 25€ per day for groups J4, J5, J6, MB, provided that the damage is not due to violation of traffic lows.
These insurances do not cover damages caused by violations of traffic regulations as well as damage caused to the wheels, tires, mirrors, windscreen wipers, the underbody and the interior of the vehicle. In case the vehicle is damaged in any way, the renter is liable to compensate all the damages, repair costs and lost time of rental.

The renter shall notify our company immediately in case of vehicle damage. We will do our best to repair it in site or pick it up for service.
Our company will undertake vehicle service and replacement in case of break down under the following conditions:

-In case the vehicle is located on an restricted unpaved road area, the renter will be charged with service and transportation costs.
-The vehicle will be replaced according to vehicle availability.
-The registered driver(s) are the only people authorized to drive the car at the time of the rental.
-The contract shall be deemed invalid and the renter will be obliged to return the car immediately without any refund claims, in case someone else drives the car other than the registered driver(s).
-Vehicles should carry a maximum of passengers depending on the car group.
In case of excess passengers the contract shall be deemed invalid and the renter must return the car immediately following the company's request, without any refund claims. Moreover, an extra charge of minimum 200€ will be applied for excessive vehicle damages incurred.


Traffic accidents:
In case a traffic accident happens in the duration of the rental agreement, the driver must first and if he is capable to, take care for his own safety and the safety of his passengers. Then, he must inform Milos Cars®. In case of traffic accident with light material damages the driver can, in his judgment, decide that it is safe to continue with his trip, or to ask for replacement of his vehicle. It is advisable in any accident the driver to call the police in order a written report will be filled by the police officer. In case the police do not fill a report, the driver must write down the license plate of the vehicle that he had the incident with, the full name of the driver, his telephone number and the name of the insurance company that covers the other vehicle. Then he must inform Milos Cars® stating the exact incident and explain the way the accident happened.

Lost keys:
The keys of all the vehicles of Milos Cars® are immobilizer. For each vehicle key there is only one spare available. In case the render loses his key, he must immediately notify the company in order to receive a spare key, without trying in any way to start the vehicle. The renter is charged with the cost of making a new key from each Brand’s company and the cost of sending a new one in Milos.

Keys locked in the car:
The renter must notify Milos Cars® in order either to send a locksmith to open the vehicle or to send a spare key. The render is charged with the cost for the visit of the locksmith or the dispatch of the spare key.

Theft Protection (T.P.)
In case the renter accepts by sign the relative contract terms, he disposes of responsibility for the theft of the car by paying the additional daily charge of:
6€ for groups A, B, C, AUTO1, AUTO2
8€ for groups AUSUV, AU3, J1, J2, J3
10€ for groups J4, J5, J6, MB
Note: Theft protection is not valid in case of driver’s negligence.

Personal Accident Insurance (P.A.I.)
Costs 5€ daily and covers the driver of our rented vehicle with the followed amount respectively:
Driver: Death, total or partial disability: 12.000€.

Extra Charges
-Minimum rental period is 2 days. After the end of the 24 hour rental, for every hour delay in return of the vehicle, the customer is charged at 1/5 of the daily rate. After 5 hours of delayed return the renter is charged the full amount of the daily rental.
-Extra charge for each additional driver 5€ per day.

Types of Car
Company reserves the right to change the type of car with another similar vehicle.

Traffic fines
The renter is responsible for paying all traffic fines that may occurred during the car rental. In case the renter does not pay the fines, there will be an Administration Fee of 20€ additional to the fine’s cost.

Baby seats cost 4€ per day.


Cancellation policy
In case of cancellation or alternation in period:

- Over 30 days from the date of the rental, the full amount of the deposit or prepay is refunded.(The company has the right to reserve 8% of the full amount of the deposit or prepay for file expenses and web banking reservation expenses.)

- Between 30 and 20 days from the date of the rental,50% of the full amount of the deposit or prepay is refunded.

- Between 19 and 10 days from the date of the rental,30% of the full amount of the deposit or prepay is refunded.

- Less than 10 days from the date of the rental, there is no amount for refund.

The cancellation must be sent in writing to our e-mail.

In case the renter does not appear to collect the car at the agreed date and time without any prior written or telephone notice, the company will cancel the reservation after 3 hours. The company has the right to charge the renter the full deposit of the car group reserved.

Transport by boat
To load cars on ferries is prohibited without written authorization from our company. (Even Kimolos Island)

24% for Milos island.
Rates & conditions may change without prior notice.

Responsible for resolving any dispute is the court of Syros.

Protection of Personal Data
The elaboration of the elements that clients give to Milos Cars concerns only the necessaries for the reservation procedures and no other transmission or use of these elements take place.

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